Another ABC thesis

Yesterday, my PhD student Aude Grelaud defended her thesis in Dauphine, in front of a wide audience of fans and quite brilliantly! Aude was working both with Francois Rodolphe from INRA and with me on both statistical and biological aspects of ABC (what else?!) at both CREST and INRIA, while teaching at both Dauphine and ENSAE, which made for a rather diverse environment. Besides the ABC paper for model choice we wrote together, she wrote a very good synthesis on the current state of ABC algorithms that will be soon submitted. Plus an application of SMC-ABC to selection pressure in evolution genetics. Aude is leaving in a few days for Rutgers University, and a joint postdoc between Statistics and Biology, where I wish her the best! This makes for a second brilliant ABC thesis in one week!

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  2. […] tree of the true graph) and tempering.  The ABC algorithm uses the same approach as ours (in Grelaud et al., 2009) through the summary (sufficient!) statistics, plus the ABC-SMC sampler of Del Moral et al. (2011). […]

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  4. […] reasons: first, the paper comes as a third step in a series of papers where we first identified a sufficiency property, then realised that this property was actually quite a rare occurrence, and finally made a […]

  5. Congratulations to the new doctor and her advisor !

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