Gathering Storm: the prologue

Taking advantage of my trip to London, I bought Brandon Saunderson’s The Gathering Storm—with a 40% rebate from a Border store closing out!—and read the Prologue on my way back to Paris. This prologue was long enough for Tor, Jordan‘s publisher, to put it on sale a few weeks before the book came out (!). As usual, the Prologue is made of snapshots of what is happening or is going to happen. As the 12th occurrence of the genre, it obviously is less appealing than the first one but I still find it a clever way to enter the book. I was first annoyed by the initial story where farm people leaving their previous life for good and for war find the time and motivation to discuss with their neighbours of mundane things like where they stored a particular dish for someone else to pick (!) but the following stories are involving more major actors. And not mentioning dress details or shopping list! (I am now in Chapter 2 and the useless descriptions have indeed started!!!) The part involving (yet again) a meeting of the Forsakens is somehow repetitive of earlier meetings but this has always been a weak aspect of the Series. With the exception of Lanfear, Robert Jordan never managed to describe those super-evil baddies and their points of view in a convincing manner: their worries and perspectives are regrettably mundane and short-sighted… Anyway, there is life and action in this Prologue with a major character most unexpectedly but well-deservedly disappearing from the cast.

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