Last submission

Today I have handled my last and final submission to Series B as its co-Editor! In concordance with statistics over the past year, the decision was a rejection from the Editor… In my parting letter to the Associate Editors, I wrote

It has been a memorable four year experience and unreservedly a very positive and enriching one! I am actually regretfully stepping down even though I clearly perceive the need for a rotation of Editors (and AEditors) to keep the horizons of the journal open and even (more) though Gareth Roberts is a terrific choice for new Editor!! The experience has been such a positive one due to the high variety and overall high quality of submissions to Series B but also very much thanks to the dedication of past and current AEditors. My duties as Editor have been made immensely easier thanks to the action of yours and of your predecessors, meaning that I could completely rely on your judgement and recommendations to make my final decisions.
I will certainly miss this important part of my life over the 2006-2009 period, even though I am sure I will find other ways to keep connected with both the Royal Statistical Society and the on-going research. All the best to Series B and to its editorial team for the coming years!

2 Responses to “Last submission”

  1. […] paper is “from my time” as co-editor, i.e. that all of them have been submitted after I completed my term in Jan. 2010. Given the two year delay, this is not that surprising, but it also means I can make […]

  2. […] duties has been rather brief after all since, a bit longer than a month after (reluctantly) leaving the co-editorship of the Journal of the Royal Society, Series B, I received a proposal this morning […]

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