Avalanche on Ben Nevis

Two climbers died on Ben Nevis yesterday when climbing in the area of Number 3 Gully. They were caught in a large avalanche there…  (Another avalanche in  Central Gully saw one broken leg.) This reminded me of the time when Ivan and I climbed this gully with guide Alan Kimber and when Alan started a small avalanche that hit the group of climbers behind us, without any consequence, thankfully. Scottish weather can be gruesome, even at very low altitudes… There is a good reason for Scotland to be the ice-climbing birthplace!

2 Responses to “Avalanche on Ben Nevis”

  1. […] liked Greg Boswell‘s blog as he described a climb of the superb black cliff on top of No.3 Gully that impressed us very much the day Ivan and I climbed it. (I think the hood at the bottom of the […]

  2. […] I think, but I did not have much time to tour the city! My original plan was to go climbing with Ivan near La Meije right after the talk, but our respective knees were hurting for the past week at […]

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