Typos in Chapter 3

Here are two more typos in the exercises of Chapter 3 of “Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R”.

— due to the (later) inclusion of an extra-exercise in the book, the “above exercise” in Exercise 3.5 actually means Exercise 3.3.

— in Exercise 3.11, question c, a line got commented by mistake in the LaTeX file and it should read “Explore the gain in efficiency from this method. Take a = 4.5 in part (a) and run an experiment to determine how many normal \mathcal{N}(0,1) random variables would be needed to calculate P(Z > 4.5) to the same accuracy obtained from using 100 random variables in this importance sampler.”

— in Exercise 3.17, George Casella found that in question b it should be X|Y\sim\mathcal{G}a(1,y), not X|Y\sim\mathcal{G}a(1,y).

I have also received the following email from Australia

Dear Professor Robert
I have just received (courtesy of Amazon) a copy of your book, as above.
I am wondering if / when any “solutions” to the book will be available.
I am neither a student nor an instructor, but a full time clinician who has an interest in Bayesian statistics and would value appropriate instruction from the solutions to the exercises.
Much obliged for any advice on this
Best wishes

which keenly shows why the solution manual must be produced as quickly as possible!

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