Typos in Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of “Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R” has four typos (so far) in the exercises:

— In Exercise 4.5, the \overline X_k should not be in bold fonts (!)

— In Exercise 4.9, I commented too many lines when revising and thus the variance terms vanished. It should read

\mathbb{E} \left[\exp-X^2|y\right] = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2 \pi \sigma^2/y}}\int\exp\{-x^2\}\,\exp\{-(x-\mu)^2y/2\sigma^2\}\,\text{d}x

\qquad =\frac{1}{\sqrt{2 \sigma^2/y+1}} \exp \left\{ -\frac{\mu^2}{1+2\sigma^2/y}\right\}

— In Exercise 4.13, following the removal of one exercise, Exercise 4.2 should read Exercise 4.1

— In Exercise 4.15, Bin(y) should be Bin(n,y) (as in Problem 4.5 of Monte Carlo Statistical Methods)

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