Typos in Chapter 5

After writing the solutions to the odd-numbered exercises in Chapter 5 of “Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R”., I alas found the following typos, two of which are rather major (Exercise 5.3 and Example 5.16). I apologise to the readers these typos may confuse.

— Exercise 5.3 has no simple encompassing set and the constraint should be replaced by

x^2(1+\sin(y/3)\cos(8x))+y^2(2+\cos(5x)\cos(8y)) \le 1

— In Example 5.14, the sentence between parentheses should end up with “equal to 0” (merci, Robin!)

— Example 5.16 has a typo in that the EM sequence should be

\hat\theta_1 = \displaystyle{\left\{{\theta_0\,x_1\over 2+\theta_0}+ x_4\right\}}\bigg/\displaystyle{\left\{{\theta_0\,x_1\over 2+\theta_0} +x_2+x_3+x_4\right\}}

— In Exercise 5.15, the Z’s in the formula should be in capital letters, namely

P(Z_i=1) = 1 - P(Z_i=2)

— In Exercise 5.17, the function \phi should be written \varphi to be coherent with the notation of Example 5.14

— Exercise 5.21 should have been removed as it duplicates Exercise 5.11…but this redundancy  is not going to confuse anyone!

As written earlier, this is a confirmation that I should have followed my own rule of “Always write the correction before the first printing”!

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