Profitable links

I think it is only fair I should warn readers that the Amazon links I often put in my postsas for instance when mentioning “Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with Rare potentially earning me money through the Amazon Associates program! This means that each time a reader enters the Amazon website through one of those links and makes a purchase in the US—not necessarily the one referenced by the link—, I do receive 4% to 6% of this purchase from Amazon as a referral. Which is a great deal. The overall amounts I receive from Amazon are quite modest, of the magnitude of one free book every other month, but I thought readers should be warned about this possibly hidden and therefore involuntary support!

4 Responses to “Profitable links”

  1. […] from the ‘Og As already pointed out last year on the Og, the links to and on this blog are actually susceptible to bring me some gains […]

  2. The most shocking fact about this is that it means that you also potentially make money out of un-Bayesian books; I am very disappointed.

  3. c’est clair!!! je fais bien attention de ne jamais cliquer… ;))

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