Savage-Dickey re-rejected

This morning I found this email in my mailbox,

Dear colleague,

I regret to inform you that your abstract has not been chosen for a talk.  We had 164 submissions for only 36 talks, so the competition was quite high and many good abstracts were not able to be selected. We thank you for your submission, and we hope that you will instead present it as a poster.  If you do want to present a poster, we will need the abstract in the proper format, so please see for format instructions, and then submit your poster abstract to by February 20.

Herbie Lee, on behalf of the ISBA 10 program committee

which means that our Savage-Dickey paper has been rejected as a topic for a talk at the ISBA 10 conference. Rejected twice in a week, this is not a very promising prospect! (I will obviously resubmit the paper as a poster to ISBA 10, as this is an even better opportunity to argue about our point than a talk. Especially in an environment such as the Valencia meeting where posters occupy a central place in the meeting.)

Post-scriptum: I just registered on the Valencia 9 site and I am rather taken aback by the astounding 485 euro registration fees… Which only cover the fees and the banquet, not the lodging nor the food. There is no reduction for students so it constitutes a big draw on our research funds, maybe justified because this is clearly a major event students should be exposed to, but a big draw nonetheless. Frankly, I cannot explain the amount, except for the  unfortunate choice of the location. If we could have the meeting in a mountainous region like Picos de Europa, we would gain both sides by avoiding the clutter of a mass tourism coastal town and saving on our research money!

3 Responses to “Savage-Dickey re-rejected”

  1. […] very nice feature of completely avoiding parallel sessions, a reason why few contributed talks were accepted. And the less appealing feature of having poster sessions, a highlight of the Valencia meetings, […]

  2. […] Yesterday night, I looked around for a LaTeX package to turn our Savage-Dickey paper into a proper poster for Valencia 9. I found a0poster as the first output on google, so I switched to it with a […]

  3. I have been rejected too… Somehow reinsuring to see that even *you* were! Thanks :)

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