New postings on arXiv

Too many interesting papers appeared on arXiv in the past days to give the whole of them the full review they deserve: just today (in partial correlation with the publication of the latest issue of Statistical Science)

and then a few days ago

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  1. […] making the link to recent works by Christophe Andrieu, Heikki Haario, Faming Liang, Eric Moulines, Enro Saksman, and co-authors. Martin and Ghosh also reinterpret Newton-Raphson as a special case of stochastic […]

  2. […] model choice I was re-reading the recently arXived paper by Toni and Stumpf on ABC based model choice and, besides noticing that their Gibbs […]

  3. the difference between prior (instinct) and frequentism ( usual rules)
    reminds me the parellelism between bayesian decision theory and communism pointed out by Lindley:
    It is not enough to understand the world (inference), we must change it (action) !!

  4. ciao Chris! I enjoyed the paper by Kadane.
    I think you could have added a section about the exegesis of Rankin’s novels!

    • Ciao, Brunero!, Jay Kadane seems to stick to the old style novels. Although he could have added something about Chesterton’s Father Brown (almost a Reverend!), who meets a Gibbs in one of his inquests (as quoted in Monte Carlo Statistical Methods, Chapter 10!!!). But Rankin’s Rebus sounds too modern and not enough Bayesian for Jay!, although I am sure he can always be turned into one as following his instincts (=prior) against usual rules (=frequentist estimators)!

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