The Search for Certainty: a book review

As I have spent some time reading Krzysztof Burdzy’s The Search for Certainty over the past weeks and putting my thoughts together into a structured (?) review, I have written a full book review that I have submitted to Bayesian Analysis. And arXived as well. Hopefully, we can start a written discussion in the journal with diverging (?) opinions about the book. Starting with a debate about the probability and therefore the nature of the event represented on the front picture!

I gave Andrew Gelman the book yesterday night (on a sidewalk by the Luxembourg gardens) and he managed to produce a review within a few hours, concluding that the book is harmless and does little mischief in terms in statistical practice (a point I cannot but agree with).

5 Responses to “The Search for Certainty: a book review”

  1. […] final dot to the paper has a philosophical meaning. Since I have been caught in over-interpreting book covers, I will not say more!) As I will try to explain below, I believe Stephen has paradoxically himself […]

  2. […] a reference to (and a one page extract from) von Mises‘ Kollectiv, a notion much debated in A search for certainty! For Martin-Löf, a real number (understood as a sequence of digits) r is random if and only […]

  3. […] above quote shows that the link with the Search for Certainty is not that artificial: Toffoli also opposes von Mises and de Finetti to Jaynes, making maximum […]

  4. X: One reason I was able to write that review in 20 minutes was that I was able to flip through the book based on your marginal notes! Also, I hope you enjoyed the first sentence of my review. After starting my review of your book with a twist, I want to do this trick all the time!

    • I was going to tell you that you were free to write ad nauseam in the book but you were too fast for me!!! And yes the first sentence is again an intriguing entry that needs about as much pondering as the rest of the text!

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