Typos in Chapters 1, 4 & 8

Thomas Clerc from Fribourg pointed out an embarassing typo in Chapter 8 of “Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R”, namely that I defined on page 247 the complex number \iota as the squared root of 1 and not of -1! Not that this impacts much on the remainder of the book but still an embarassment!!!

An inconsistent notation was uncovered by Bastien Boussau from Berkeley this time for the book The Bayesian Choice. In Example 1.1.3, on page 3, I consider an hypergeometric \mathcal{H}(30,N,20/N) distribution, while in Appendix A, I denote hypergeometric distributions as \mathcal{H}(N;n;p), inverting the role of the population size and of the sample size. Sorry about that, inconsistencies in notations are alas occuring in my books… In case I have not mentioned it so far, Example 4.3.3 further involves a typo (detected by Cristiano Passerini from Pontecchio Marconi) again with the hypergeometric distribution  \mathcal{H}(N;n;p)! The ratio should be

\dfrac{{n_1\choose n_{11}} {n-n_1\choose n_2-n_{11}}\big/ {n\choose n_2}\pi(N=n)}{\sum_{k=36}^{50} {n_1\choose n_{11}} {k-n_1\choose n_2-n_{11}}\big/ {k\choose n_2}\pi(N=k)}

2 Responses to “Typos in Chapters 1, 4 & 8”

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  2. I like your alternative definition of i. It makes complex analysis so much easier.

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