[wet] impressions from the frontier

This morning, before going runnin, I took a look by my hotel window and noticed the road below was wet. Since there were warnings of a thunderstorm, I  checked on a website the current forecast—taking advantage of an opening in the local networks!— and saw that the local conditons were a “light drizzle”. When I went out, it was hardly drizzling, indeed, and so I went on my “usual” round following the riverwalk for about two miles. At the turning point—an underbridge with huge fish sculptures hanging from the bridge—, rain started to fall rather heavily and on the way back I soon found myself in the midst of a thunderstorm! I had to stop under a bridge to wait for the rain to abate and the storm front to move away. After a few minutes, the strength of the rain went down but by then the riverwalk had turned into a river and stairs into cascades, the river being below street level. At some point, the flow of water falling from the street was so strong that I had to turn back to cross to the other side… This was thus an interesting experience, teaching to pay more attention in the future to storm warnings.

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