Seminar im Heidelberg

Even though I can report only today for unexpected family issues (and not at all for the Icelandic volcano ashes!), I have had a wonderful trip to Heidelberg! Both seminars were packed with students, many more than faculty, I met a PhD student working on ABC who travelled all the way from Bonn to attend the seminars and discuss with me, I had highly informative statistics discussions with the local faculty (about ABC, point processes, particle filters, graphical models, stochastic volatility, covariance estimation, and more), plus great runs, up the local hills, a few glimpses of the old city, and good local beer and food! Had the internet connection worked (better), I would have been a bit more efficient, but this led me to take the philosophy way for a few days. and progress in my evaliation of Evidence and Evolution. Thanks to Tilmann Gneiting for the invitation and for the warm welcome!

2 Responses to “Seminar im Heidelberg”

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  2. […] Rainer Dahlhaus and Jan C. Neddermeyer from Heidelberg, with whom I discussed the paper on a recent visit […]

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