Abele Blanc’s new attempt on Annapurna

The guide we met last summer in Aosta, Abele Blanc, is now back to the Himalayas to try his last 8000’s, Annapurna, for the 6th time. The expedition is monitored on the site of Fort di Bard. He plans to climb the north (TIbetan) face of Everest to acclimatise (!) before attempting Annapurna in May. Without oxygen. For the Everest climb, he is part of a team involving Silvio Mondinelli, another Italian climber who reached all 8000’s.

6 Responses to “Abele Blanc’s new attempt on Annapurna”

  1. […] excuses do we have when we’re living on a planet with people like; – Abele Blanc scaling Annapurna, his last 8000m mountain on this 7th attempt. – Douglas Cairns, flying to the […]

  2. Ah! A slip of tongue. I was thinking of Cho Oyu when I wrote the earlier comment.

    • Indeed, this one is “easier” (on a relative scale!)

    • Unfortunately, the death of Tolo Calafat last Thursday shows how deadly Annapurna does remain… The three other Spanish climbers of the group had to be airlifted from Camp 4 at 7500m by a highly improbable helicopter rescue that would have been impossible even one year ago. The new availability of airlifted rescue is a mixed blessing: I am obviously quite glad that those three Spanish climbers made it back to base camp and I wish Tolo Calafat could have been saved as well. However, the possibility of being rescued this way will necessarily induce more people to try 8000m’s with no thoughts for the way back and for preserving strength and energy. The appeal of the ultimate place with no outside interference will have vanished, while the life of the rescuers will be endangered by the poor assessment of the climbers’ own ability and stamina.
  • Annapurna is supposed to be the easiest of 8000’s. It is somewhat baffling that he is acclimatizing on a more difficult mountain (Everest’s Tibet face) to climb an easier one.

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