New arXiv postings

A series of new posting on arXiv I would like to discuss further:

  • arXiv:1004.2840 : Robust Parameter Selection for Parallel Tempering by Hamze, Dickson and Karimi
  • arXiv:1004.2910 : Valid p-Values using Importance Sampling by Harris
  • arXiv:1004.3476 : Approximate Methods for State-Space Modelsby Koyama, Castellanos, Shalizi and Kass
  • arXiv:1004.3616 : Recursive Numerical Evaluation of the Cumulative Bivariate Normal Distribution by Meyer
  • arXiv:1004.3830 : Model Selection and Adaptive Markov chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian Cointegrated VAR model by Peters, Kannan, Lasscock and Mellen
  • arXiv:1004.3925 : Classification using distance nearest neighbours by Friel and Pettitt

especially since the paper by Neal Friel and Tony Pettitt builds upon our JASA k-nearest neighbour paper.

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