Research in pair next summer

Today I received the very good news that our proposal with Jean-Michel Marin to undertake “research in pair” in CIRM, Luminy, a fortnight next summer was accepted! This research centre in Mathematics is a southern and French version of the renowned German centre of Oberwolfach and, while I would have prefered the cool Black Forest to the burning rocks of the nearby calanques, I am very grateful for this support from the sponsors of the  CIRM centre. We aim at revising the book Bayesian Core towards a Use R! version during this fortnight (if the heat does not kill our legendary productivity!).  The CIRM centre is located in a nicely renovated bastide within a small park, and the famous climbing cliffs of the calanques are within walking distance. (I just need to find a climbing partner!) I have organised several meetings there along the years and the atmosphere there is always propitious for research. (There is also a well-provided library, if not comparable to Oberwolfach.)

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  1. […] A powerful Cahors we tried with Jean-Michel Marin when he came to work on the book and some papers last week. It definitely needs airing for one hour or so before developing flavours […]

  2. […] second 3k loop, a time I had not reached since my last practice round last September. Going away to Luminy means that I will switch to trail running in the back-country, with enough gradient to make timing […]

  3. […] on hierarchical models. I actually plan to take advantage of the revision of Bayesian Core in Luminy next week to include a chapter on hierarchical modelling. Now, there are still a few places left in […]

  4. […] corrected in the next printing of Bayesian Core as well as in the new edition we plan to write in July. It also illustrates the folk theorem “One can never write the reversible jump acceptance […]

  5. Under the situation, I am not sure if to wish you to break a leg or not :)

  6. Wow,
    What wonderful news – congratulations, and good luck!

    • Thanks, Tal! I really look forward making most of the second edition in those two weeks with no other commitment than rewriting the book (except for the occasional climb)!

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