Terrible graph of the weekend

Every week, the weekend edition of Le Monde contains a tribune around some statistics and almost irremediably the illustrations are terrible. Witness the one above where the move from 940 millions to more than a billion is completely out of proportions, both for the disk areas and the number of people! Same thing for the split pie chart below:

What’s wrong with a regular pie-chart?! And the increase in disabled planes below is not much better, moving from 5 to 8 plane silhouettes… The illustrators should read Tufte’s books instead of USA Today…!

Ps-I seem to be always picking at Le Monde, but this is only because I have a subscribtion to its weekend edition!

2 Responses to “Terrible graph of the weekend”

  1. There are actually 9 plane silhouettes :P

    But yes, they’re pretty shocking.

  2. […] Although I am not receiving Le Monde magazine by mail any longer (maybe a consequence of highly critical posts?!), I bought it at a newsagent last Saturday and found a fairly easy mathematical puzzle. Or is it […]

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