Right after the fateful (!) descent of Ardèche, we went for dinner to the little village of Saoû, near Crest. The place is quite interesting for several reasons:  (a) it has a very specific architercture, with high houses and a nice Roman church; (b) it is surrounded by cliffs with many possible climbs at all levels, including a solitary rock promontory almost in the middle of the town (I wished we had spent the day there rather than facing the rocks in the middle of Ardèche!); (b) despite its very small size of 500 inhabitants, it has a very rich cultural life with concerts of classical and folk music all year long; (d) a microbrewery, Markus bière,  with unfiltered and unpasteurised beers ranging from white to dark, a beergarden, and occasional concerts; and (e) a terrific restaurant called L’Oiseau sur sa Branche that serves very imaginative dishes based on local products in a pseudo-grocery environment or on the village plaza. (We went there for dinner about ten years ago fnd my daughter (harmlessly) fell in the plaza fountain, much to the amusement of the other dinners if not ours!) So this was a most pleasant ending to a very full day…

or dinner

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