Amazon is currently selling The Bayesian Choice at a bargain price of  $32.97, a rebate of 40% on the list price! And this is the hardcover version… When I first saw the hardcover versions, I thought the printer had made a mistake but this is not a mistake! (While I did not design the cover of this third version of The Bayesian Choice, this is my favorite one. Good thing I did not turn to design rather than statistics.) The Bayesian Choice is thus cheaper than  Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R despite being more than twice longer and hardcover… Note also that Springer introduced a paperback version of Monte Carlo Statistical Methods but it is surprisingly more expensive than the hardcover on Amazon ($109 versus $76).

3 Responses to “Bargain!”

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know that the version is in softcover, in spite of what their description says.

    • Thank you! My impression is that the process is utterly random: I have seen some copies with softcover and others with hard covers… Maybe running a negative binomial experiment would see how often the printer uses a hardcover.

  2. A quick way to get a feel for the price of a book is to use
    The Bayesian Choice. I’m finding that either Amazon US or The Book Deospitory UK wins.

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