Significance going X-Atlantic

While reading the latest issue of Significance over breakfast, I discovered that this enjoyable general audience statistics quarterly was about to become jointly distributed by the RSS and the ASA. Given that the magazine is distinctly British, and tuned to the purposes of the Royal Statistical Society, I hope it will remain the way it is. The conditions of the agreement with the ASA are not known to me, so it sounds from the editorial in Significance that it could only be a diffusion agreement. However, the fact that the logo of the ASA will also appear on the cover seems to imply a more active collaboration that could eventually change the tone of the magazine. Let’s wait and see! In the meanwhile, I will enjoy sharing my second copy of Significance with my colleagues (as I could reproduce the comment from a[nother] member of the RSS who said that his spouse, no statistician herself, would take away and read every issue before he could get his hands on it…)

7 Responses to “Significance going X-Atlantic”

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  5. Ron Wasserstein Says:

    You raise great points. I hope as you view the first joint issue later this year that you will see a collaboration that enhances rather than diminishes the magazine, making it even more fun to share with colleagues, and more important to hide from our spouses until we’ve read it. :-)
    Please keep reading and please provide us your observations as you do.
    Ron Wasserstein, Executive Director, ASA

    • Thank you, Ron! As a (foreign) member of both ASA and RSS, I see a plus in the national specificities of both societies and think they should keep those specificities (while staying open for their international membership of course!). So I am curious to see the result in this blended Significance, as its style as well as contents made it so enjoyable for my spouse and myself!!!

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