10k / 35:04?!

Under a scorching midday sun, I took part in the annual 10k of the Finance Ministry in the Parc de Vincennes this yesterday afternoon. I was quite surprised when I ended the first 5k loop in less than 17:34 and even more when I reached the finish line in 35:04! This was the third V2 [veteran 2] time but I am six month short from reaching the V2 category and I knew I had not ran that fast! Going over my lap times [graphed below with no correction], the first (3:05), fifth (3:09) and sixth (2:13) kilometers are definitely suspicious, so I think the course was at least 720m shorter than expected. At this pace, I would have needed at least 2:48 more to complete a genuine 10k, leading to a more reasonable total time of 37:52, especially given my lack of hard training… Anyway, I am quite happy with the outcome since I did not feel any special pain, apart from a slight headache due to the sun,  and some burns on my neck and shoulders!, and I now thus re-consider training more intensely for the Fall marathons.

2 Responses to “10k / 35:04?!”

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  2. […] seminar is at 3pm (maybe a wee later if I am running late, as I am registered for the annual 10k Bercy race two hours before in the Bois de Vincennes!), at Institut Henri Poincaré. It will be followed by a […]

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