Climbing in Sella

A bonus—on top of attending the meeting of course!—in coming to Benidorm for the València 9 meeting was to go climbing on one of the numerous routes nearby. While the cliffs of Peñon de Ifach were most attractive, the lack of clear information on the fully bolted routes led me to pick the backcountry cliffs near Sella, where Julien Cornebise and I climbed a 30m V+ route called via del indio. We were actually quite lucky in that the cliff was already visited by local climbers who were quite helpful: as I got stuck on a hidden hand hold when lead-climbing, one of them went up to equip the whole route for us. (Although this was a muy fàcil V+ route, I think I would have had even more difficuties with the final stretch before the belay!) Once equipped, the route indeed felt like a V+ and we spent the next hours going up and down until it was time to get back to the talks. The cliff was facing south/south-west and hence very exposed but between the breeze and the passing clouds it was quite tolerable. And the views on the surrounding red cliffs was amazing.

3 Responses to “Climbing in Sella”

  1. […] useful in the approach walk to the Smoke Bluffs in Squamish today, where I plan to go climbing with Julien (once agaian with a brand new 10mm Mammut rope), weather and shape (15 hours of travelling) […]

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  3. “Es muy facil, muy facil, pones la mano qui et la pierna qui et l’altra pierna como questo et hop”… Black magic style. But very fun indeed, thanks for having brought the rope !

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