València 9 papers on line

Just received this email from José Bernardo:

The pdf files of the Valencia 9 invited papers are now available online at the conference webpage, as a link placed by the author name in the V9 invited program list. These are the  last version sent to me by the author, and will be substituted by more current ones as they become available.

I remind you that  you are encouraged to submit written contributions to the discussion of any of these 24 papers even if you could not attend the meeting. Your discussions should be directly emailed by June 28th  to the author(s) of the invited papers, with a copy to me. I will also need the LaTeX source and the eps files of any figures used. Contributions should not exceed six typeset pages (including figures) for invited discussions, and three pages for contributed discussions.

This means anyone can send discussions on the papers presented at the meeting, to be published soon in the Valencia 9 proceedings by Oxford University Press. We are just out of a post-conference meeting with our students and colleagues here at CREST, where we discussed the invited papers by Ickstadt, Nicholls (actually, sadly not open to written discussions!), Meek, and Wilkinson . (On Monday, we plan to cover Dunson, Früwirth-Schnatter, Lopes, Polson, and Vanucci.)

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