No Gertrude Cox 5k in Vancouver!

I got the news this morning

“We will not be having the race this year due to the difficulty in finding a place and a group to set up the race.”

which means I will not compete in the 21st Gertrude Cox 5k. Very sad, as I was looking forward to it… Of course there is an attractive ultra-marathon (55k!) at the same time but this is out of my league! (Brad Carlin told me there will not be a ski race at MCM’Ski III either for insurrance reaons. How disappointing!) There is nonetheless a 10k in Squamish, starting at 8:30 in Squamish on Sunday August 1st. Sounds attractive as I also plan to go cimbing there…!

4 Responses to “No Gertrude Cox 5k in Vancouver!”

  1. This really seems nuts to me. Stanley Park is huge and gorgeous; space is obviously not the issue. So what is it? Staffing? Just send out an email and you’ll get volunteers, no?

    The MCMSki III race faces liability issues, having moved from Italy to the USA. Might this also be a factor here?

    • Sure. Let us meet on August 03 at 5:30pm at a specific spot in Stanley Park. One volunteer can time the runners…

  2. David Dunson Says:

    That bites! For the number of people who typically run it, it would be no problem to just have it informally staged along the bike path on the perimeter of Stanley Park. However, I suppose that they were denied permission to do this. I was looking forward to the completely flat course.

    • I was also looking for it… All it would require to run it informally would be an anonymous call on the twitter site of the conference!

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