I had altogether forgotten about my request, sent on April 29,

Dear arXiv moderator,
I would like to ask for a reinstatement of my 1004.5074 within the stat.ME category as it has nothing to do with applied statistics. The book by Sober and hence my critical reading is about the philosophy of testing (or evidence) and hence relates to the foundations of statistics, which I think are within the stat.ME (or stat.TH?) category.
Thank you for your attention,
Sincerely, X.

and then yesterday I received this email

Our moderators have considered your appeal and have agreed to reclassify your article as stat.ME (Methodology) with cross-lists to stat.TH (Theory) and q-bio.PE (Populations and Evolution). No further action is required on your part.
arXiv moderation

Not that it mattered that much, but being put into the “wrong” group meant that less people were likely to get a look at this review. Overall, I keep being impressed by the efficiency of the arXiv service. (Maybe also because it is housed by my alma matter Cornell University).

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