Laurels shrink

This is an admittedly misleading title… No gossip about undeserved laurels or anything like that: I have a (cooking) laurel tree in my garden that got a sudden disease that makes its leaves shrink, ooze and vanish… The disease has spread to my neighbour‘s laurel as well and cutting diseased leaves does not seem to prevent the spread. It is sad, as the tree grew from nothing to about 3 meters in about five years. (Maybe a revenge of the attacked tree actually!) My mother’s phone diagnostic on the matter is that the  ground around the tree is too dry and needs watering, so I will follow her advice and check whether or not watering has an impact…

This morning, the weather was much cooler than the previous days (and previous nights!, where it was impossible to sleep properly in the heat!), so I managed a decent 11:06 on my second 3k loop, a time I had not reached since my last practice round last September. Going away to Luminy means that I will switch to trail running in the back-country, with enough gradient to make timing irrelevant. (Warning, both the frequency and the information content of the posts on the Og may significantly decrease!)

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