Core in CiRM [2]

We are making slow progress on the normal and regression chapters as we decided to write the package at the same time we revise the chapters… Jean-Michel transformed the variable selection and model choice R codes of the regression chapter into generic functions that will fit within the package. I rewrote the section on testing, removing all connections to classical testing, 0-1 loss functions and 5% errors, towards a purely model-choice perspective. This does not modify the computational aspects but it makes the discourse more coherent and bypasses the debate about whether or not posterior probabilities are commensurable to p-values and all that. Last morning, I went running to the two creeks (locally called calanques) of Morgiou and Sugiton on a very nice costal trail.

4 Responses to “Core in CiRM [2]”

  1. […] to Morgiou on Saturday night, achieving an easy 5c there but my son was in a hurry to get back to CiRM to watch the (football) game, so we did not try anything else. We started at 7pm, so the […]

  2. […] Xi'an's Og an attempt at bloggin, from scratch… « Core in CiRM [2] […]

  3. Je suis un peu decu. Je pensais que vous ecririez au moins un nouveau livre. Une petite baisse de regime Christian & Jean-Michel?

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