Oldest ancestor (?)

While looking on the Web for genealogy links, I discovered tonight that the village from where my grand-father’s family comes has online archives till 1601. So I spent two hours tonight trying to trace back the earliest direct ancestor. The 1630 register was impossible to read but I found the birth certificate of the third oldest ancestor, Simon Eude, born in 1706, as well as the death certificate (top) of the oldest ancestor, Simon (or Symon) Eude, born in 1623 (?), who died in 1715, when 92 years old. This seems like an amazing age for the time, which corresponds to the arrival of the Mayflower pilgrims in America! Although my other oldest ancestor, François Robert, died in 1682 at the age of 80…With time and patience, I think I could go over the 1601-1623 years in those online archives to try to get one more level in the family tree but this is enough for one evening!

2 Responses to “Oldest ancestor (?)”

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