JSM 2010 [talk]

Here are the slides of the talk I am presenting on Monday at JSM 2010 in Vancouver, in the Bayesian Inference in Massive Data Problems session organised by Alexandra Schmidt: it is about Bayesian model choice in cosmology
It borrowed from Darren Wraith’s presentation at JSM 2009 by adding more items on evidence estimation, in connection with our lastest cosmology paper. Obviously, 64 slides for 25 minutes is a bit extra-galactic, even at the speed of light, so I will scrap all the technical sections on PMC, AMIS and focus on the implementation for the cosmology problem.

Ps-If anyone has an idea as to why two pages are rotated during the ps2pdf process, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

4 Responses to “JSM 2010 [talk]”

  1. […] quote that started the earlier post, and recycles the same graph about cosmology I used last summer in Vancouver! However, there are alternative interesting entries about probabilistic proof checking […]

  2. […] afternoon session on Bayesian processing of massive data systems was somehow compulsory since I was talking in this session! While the talks were interestingly diverse, there were however again very people […]

  3. I don’t know why ps2pdf rotated your pages, but pdftk is a great tool that should let you fix up the pdf after the fact.

    • Thanks, Iain. Larry Wasserman sent me the command ps2pdf -dAutoRotatePages=/None that did the trick, But indeed pdftk in.pdf cat 1-18 19E 20-end output out.pdf would have done the job too. Thanks!

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