JSM 2010 [day 3]

The same pattern as yesterday occurred, namely that the sessions that most interested me were all together at the 10:30 and 2pm slots, while there was no talk (besides the official ones) after 4pm… After another run around Stanley Park, I took the opportunity of being late for the first session to sit outside and to read the beginning of Francisco Samaniego’s book comparing Bayesian and frequentist inferences. The morning session was SAMSI sum-up about the spatio-temporal program they ran last year. I liked Noel Cressie’s analysis of a huge satellite data problem and the immense dimension reduction it brought. The most promising session of the day was however the afternoon’s Latent space models for network analysis, where Peter Hoff, David Bank and Purnamrita Sarkar gave different perspectives on this quite interesting modelling technique. (I was reflecting during the talks that this could bring a modelling revival of the old French “analyse de données” school, in that it was translating dependencies into distances…) After meeting the other editors of StatProb and grabbing a Revolution Analytic water-bottle at their party, I attended the SBSS mixer where I had a great time (except for the $9 beers) talking to old friends and meeting new ones.

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