A collective blog has been started by the statistics students and postdocs at CREST, in the wake of the Valencia meeting. It is called Statisfaction. (The Rolling Stones of Statistics?! Actually, Andrew Gelman also has a post with that title… And it is even part of the Urban Dictionnary!) Since I have no responsability nor even say in the contents of this independent blog, I cannot help but recommend following it! The latest posting is about the slides of Peter Müller’s slides of his Santa Cruz course in Bayesian nonparametrics being available on line.

3 Responses to “Statisfaction”

  1. […] fascinating blogs for the ultimate statistics geek“… Dunno how to take it! I also note Statisfaction ranked as #4 and Freakanometrics as #5, which sounds like the ranking is a wee haphazard, the […]

  2. […] First, let me stress that I restrict my answer to French Ph.D. graduates and warn the reader that the environment for Ph.D. students in French institutions strongly differs from the ones in UK or US universities. Even though our students have a proper five-year training in maths, probability and statistics (plus possibly additional fields like economics, computer science, engineering, sociology, or, more rarely, biology, astronomy, ecology), there is not the same progressive integration of graduate students within the research faculty body as the one we see in the UK or the US. Ph.D. students remain students till the end of their thesis and often beyond. This is of course a terrible situation that we are trying to alleviate at our individual level, when the conditions allow as in CREST. […]

  3. […] so I wished we had had more time to chat about that! (Steve has proposed to give his talk at the students’ seminar here in CREST so that we can discuss effects of causes versus causes of […]

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