Off to Banff!!

Today I am travelling from Paris to Banff, via Amsterdam and Calgary, to take part in the Hierarchical Bayesian Methods in Ecology two day workshop organised at BIRS by Devin Goodsman (University of Alberta),  François Teste (University of Alberta), and myself. I am very excited both by the opportunity to meet young researchers in ecology and forestry, and by the prospect in spending a few days in the Rockies, hopefully with an opportunity to go hiking, scrambling and even climbing. (Plus the purely random crossing of Julien‘s trip in this area!) The slides will be mostly following those of the course I gave in Aosta, while using Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R for R practicals:

2 Responses to “Off to Banff!!”

  1. […] desse workshop em modelos hierárquicos para… ecologia (!), organizado entre outros pelo Christian Robert. É no Canadá, perto de umas montanhas belísimas. Mas, eram apenas dois dias e voltado para […]

  2. I actually got an upgrade to business on the flight to Calgary, which was nice and allowed me to keep the Mac on all the way. A nice B’day gift from KLM!!!

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