CNRS awards

Congratulations to my friend Éric Moulines who just received the Silver medal from the national scientific research centre CNRS for the Institut des sciences de l’ingénierie et des systèmes (INSIS). Besides conducting top edge research in a wide spectrum of topics in statistics, probability and signal processing, including his influential book on Hidden Markov Models with Olivier Cappé and Tobias Rydén, (a paperback version is now available!) he has been intensely involved in driving national research policy for many years. This (prestigious) reward is thus well-deserved! (Congratulations to Alice Guionnet, too, for her Silver medal for the Institut national des sciences mathématiques et de leurs interactions (INSMI)!)

2 Responses to “CNRS awards”

  1. […] methods, making the link to recent works by Christophe Andrieu, Heikki Haario, Faming Liang, Eric Moulines, Enro Saksman, and co-authors. Martin and Ghosh also reinterpret Newton-Raphson as a special case […]

  2. […] Chapter 4 (Stochastic optimisation) will include some example from Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R and add recent results on EM standard error by Cappé and Moulines. […]

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