Resistance [end]

After a summer of valiant resistance, and 45 years of steady growth, my neighbour’s tree is near its end, as shown by the leaves above… Since the holes made all around the trunk did not seem enough, my neighbour’s gardener stripped most of the bark (see right picture). Very sad, considering that the tree was actually doing very well and was first cut based on the inexact assessment that it was hollow and threatening to fall… Now, my 94 neighbour also is afraid to fall when picking the leaves in her garden and she can hardly afford the hourly rates the gardener asks for picking the leaves himself. So I find it difficult to blame her, I should have instead proposed to pick the leaves!

One Response to “Resistance [end]”

  1. […] It was indeed dark and stormy, but lightning makes this picture look as if it was taken during the day… With harder contrasts and shapes… A fitting epitaph for the dead tree! […]

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