R tee-shirt

I gave my introduction to the R course in a crammed amphitheatre of about 200 students today. Had to wear my collectoR teeshirt from Revolution Analytics, even though it only made the kids pay attention for about 30 seconds… The other few “lines” that worked were using the Proctor & Gamble “car 54” poster and calling bootstrap “Statistics for dummies”, but I have trouble every year in getting the students interested in the topic (simulation) until…I introduced a (dummy) finance example of computing option prices. Sad!

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  1. […] by the department of Statistics and funded by CRiSM and Revolution Analytics (providers of the R tee-shirt!). I wish I could attend but mid-August is usually associated with genuine (post-JSM) family […]

  2. […] R and that we use the book from the third university year onwards. The third-year students in my R class do manage to solve problems from the first four chapters on a regular basis and one can check […]

  3. […] proper programming skills to first year students! I will certainly make use of the style file as grading 180 exams is indeed a recurrent […]

  4. […] Since I have resumed my R class, I will restart my resolution of Le Monde mathematical puzzles…as they make good exercises […]

  5. I want that shirt. It’s doubly awesome because both “I <3 R" and "IR <3" reflect my sentiments about my work.

  6. I may be an outlier here, but I don’t find it sad that students paid attention to the option pricing example. Maybe it’s just because stochastic finance is how I got started in Monte Carlo simulation, but maybe there’s a formula here that we can all exploit.. er… use!

    I think students paid attention to the stock option calculation because 1) they’ve heard of stock option calc 2) they know that it involves money which they are also interested in. 3) they feel like they should know more about option pricing than they do 4) chicks dig guys with stock options.

    So putting this in the words only a statistician would smirk at: I fail to reject that students will pay attention when presented with a technical topic which they wish they knew a little about and involves a topic that may impact their wealth and whether or not they get to copulate.

    It’s like the Ax body spray approach… to stochastic calculus. ;)

    BTW, if you make it sound dirty enough you can probably get them to pay attention to Copula theory lectures. I recommend starting the lecture by playing Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” just to get them in the right frame of mind.

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