Millenium [end]

Unsurprisingly, having started it, I completed the cycle of Millenium by watching the number 2 and number 3 films. They rather accurately correspond to the books of Stieg Larssen, The Girl who played with fire and to The Girl who kicked the hornets’ nest. (I think the third movie is not out yet in the US, since the second one was played in a movie theatre in Banff last week… It is nonetheless possible to see it in Swedish or in French!)

While, once again, the acting of Noomi Rapace is truly as convincing in her acting (and as driving the movie) as in the first movie, the second movie is somehow missing the hunting feeling carried by the second novel, Lisbeth Salander appearing too relaxed in her own search for her father. Obviously, this is not a complete disaster: the final scene about Lisbeth meeting her father is well-conducted and in accordance with the book. Still… E.g., the police appears much more inefficient in the movie than in the book, being hardly seen across the whole movie.

The third and last movie is more confused, having to tie up many threads and, due to the inclusion of the lost secret-unit-within-the-secret-service, I am not sure someone watching the movie prior to reading the book could make (full) sense of the story. The evil psychiatrist is well-rendered but the trial and the sudden switch in power balance is completely implausible.  The perfect balance between Michael Blomkvist and Erika Berger is lost in the movie, when she tries to delay publishing the journal following anonymous threatening emails… Blomkvist deciding by himself on publishing the journal despite her order makes her seem much weaker than she is in the book. The final scene between Lisbeth and her half-brother does not have the same impact as in the book, maybe because seeing it kills some of the surprise created by the book… So, overall, I think the last movie is the most botched in the series, maybe a consequence of the last book being unconvincing, maybe due to the hurried production of the three movies… The Millenium product is in conclusion an efficient (and mildly enjoyable) commercial operation, even though it contributes little to Swedish/World literature/filming!

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