morn at the MaM

For our “customary” Sunday morning museum trip, my daughter and I visited MaM, the museum of modern art of the City of Paris. (This happened to coincide with the starting point of the road race Paris-Versailles, so the area was full of runners and would-be runners wearing garbage bags to cut off the sharp wind!) The MaM is located within the Palais de Tokyo, which is an impressive building of the 1930’s in a poor state, as shown by the pictures above… No wonder burglars had no trouble getting away with masterpieces earlier this year! The rooms of the museum are however quite decent and include pieces from major 20th century artists like Picasso, Braque, Modigliani, Delaunay, Matisse, Bonnard… There was a special room dedicated to Eugène Leroy, with intricate multilayered compositions (that my daughter simply hated)!There was also a room dedicated to the interplay between painting and calligraphy, which I particularly liked. Including this painting by Pierre Soulages:

And a solitary painting called Walross (Walrus) [by a painter whose name I cannot recall!] that reminded me of Turner for the suggestion of light and shapes:

Although I prefer by far other collections like MoMA’s or Centre Pompidou‘s, the MaM museum is enjoyable, especially with the current “second hand” exhibit that inserts replicas of major masterpieces made by contemporary artists as a reflection on those masterpieces (in the vein of Pierre Ménard, Borges’ short story about re-creation).

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