Email address not unique?!

When trying to submit a paper yesterday, I got the following message

The email address [xian@mylab.myuni.mycountry] is NOT unique. 
Try entering  your login name or first/last names or contact 
the editorial staff for  further assistance

which is rather puzzling since an email address is obviously unique…!

3 Responses to “Email address not unique?!”

  1. E-mail addresses ARE NOT unique guys. At least 3 other persons are using mine for years now (in different parts of the World,!, not maliciously, thank God…), as I recently discovered. I also discovered that legitimate (non spam) e-mail messages don’t always go to the address that were prescribed to go (! ?????). Surprised? please believe it and let others know about it.

  2. Probably a non-precise way to say that two different accounts on arxiv are associated with your address, hence that it does not work as a unique identifier or your account. Maybe a consequence of HAL automatically updating arxiv ? Or a mess-up in the database ?

    • Precision: this is NOT an arXiv reply but one from the electronic portal of the journal I submitted the paper to…!

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