“Reading Keynes” revised

Over the past weeks, I have revised Reading Keynes’ Treatise on Probability and the new version is now arXived (and resubmitted). I have mostly focussed on the presentation of the Treatise within the (then) current scene and on the existing advances missed by Keynes, rather than studying the technical work on the principal averages any further. For the same reason, I also abstained from relating the book to the notion of uncertain probabilities, despite a nice suggestion by Michael Brady, as I felt this was not directly related to the statistical focus of the review.

3 Responses to ““Reading Keynes” revised”

  1. ihateaphids Says:

    hi X’ian, I like the idea of using paintings for each post…that pic made me think of sitting and working through something, what artist is that?

  2. […] news in the mail today: my revision of Keynes’ A Treatise on Probability has been accepted by the International Statistical […]

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