Lectures at Wharton

Next week, I will be visiting the Wharton School of Business, Department of Statistics, and give four lectures on likelihood-free techniques (aka ABC algorithms): They are [on and in] Mon and Wed, Oct 25 and 27, 1:30pm: JMHH F-36 Friday, Oct 29, 9pm: JMHH F96 Monday, Nov 1, 1:30pm: JMHH F-36, and “open to all interested faculty and students, modulo the availability of space in the classroom”. I have not yet made my slides (!) and will most likely recycle from these earlier talks, but I will certainly post them asap.

5 Responses to “Lectures at Wharton”

  1. […] to the students. This course preparation was in any case quite helpful in the composition of a survey on ABC now with my […]

  2. […] & ABC Here are my (preliminary) slides for the Wharton short course, in an evolutionary (!) version that will keep changing along the week as I incorporate the […]

  3. Estimating the number of tanks during World War II :

    An interesting article !

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