Taxi soap…

Heard in a taxicab this morning (the cab driver is the one talking):

– …

– How comes you spent all the money on her?! You’re an idiot, an idiot!

– …

– No, money is hard to come by and I didn’t send this money for you to spend 10,000 rupees on a car! 3,000 is the maximum, 4,000 is the maximum, 5,000 is the maximum, are you out of your mind or something?! Now you do not have any money left. When are you ever going to listen to me?!

– …

– No, it is not ok. What do you mean, it’s ok?! Is she going to spend 12,000 on you now? You’re such an idiot, Siddharth. How are you going to get a living?!

– …

– Let me tell you, she does not deserve you spending any of this money on her. If she was worth it, I would be ok, I would support you, but she is not worth it… Next time you decide on this kind of spending, I want to be there to face her. I want to tell her she is not worth it.

(At this point I left the taxicab as we were stuck in a jam and the shouting driver was simply getting too annoying!)

2 Responses to “Taxi soap…”

  1. Jim Jarmusch Says:

    that’s cool stuff…. reminds me about something though…

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