More typos [mcsm.6]

Edward Kao found some typos in Problems 6.22 and 6.24 of the Markov chapter of Monte Carlo Statistical Methods:

– on page 250, Problem 6.22 (d) should be phrased as “show that the invariant distribution is also the limiting distribution of the chain” instead of the obvious “show that the invariant distribution is also the stationary distribution of the chain“. And the solution to (c) given in the solution manual has a mistake (see Kao’s solution in Introduction to Stochastic Processes, Example 4.3.1).

– on page 250, Problem 6.24 (a) should ask to show aperiodicity, not periodicity. And in part (b) the transition in 0 should be defined in the same way as in Problem 6.22.


One Response to “More typos [mcsm.6]”

  1. […] I first saw it, I though this was indeed a typo because of the indicator in the denominator. Now that I look at it more carefully, I realise this […]

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