Typo in Biometrika 97(3): 747

Yesterday while in Philadelphia airport I got this email from Javier Rubio:

Prof. Robert,

I am a first year PhD student in the University of Warwick. I was reading your paper “Properties of nested sampling” which I found very interesting.  I have a question about it. Is the second equation in pp. 747 correct?
I think this equation is related with the first equation in pp. 12 from your paper “Importance sampling methods for Bayesian discrimination between embedded models”.
Kind regards,

Indeed, there is a typo in that this formula (page 747) should be

\widehat{Z}_1=1\bigg/\left\{\dfrac{1}{T}\,\sum_{t=1}^T {g(\theta^{(t)}) }\big/\pi(\theta^{(t)})L(\theta^{(t)})\right\}

(I checked my LaTeX code and there is a trace of a former \dfrac that got erased but was not replaced with a \big/ symbol… I am quite sorry for the typo, the more because this paper went through many revisions.) There is no typo in the corresponding chapter of Frontiers of Statistical Decision Making and Bayesian Analysis: In Honor of James O. Berger


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