Brandon Sanderson in Paris

WHSmith Paris sent me this email tonight:

WHSmith – 248, rue de Rivoli – 75001 Paris – M°Concorde – Tuesday 16th November – 7pm –
Brandon Sanderson will present and sign The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight,.

Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson was born in Nebraska on December 19, 1975.He earned his Master’s degree in Creative Writing in 2005 from Brigham Young University, where he was on the staff of Leading Edge, a semi-professional speculative fiction magazine published by the university. His published novels include Elantris (2005), the teenage fiction novel Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians (2007), and the three-part Mistborn series, consisting of Mistborn: The Final Empire (2006), The Well of Ascension, (2007), and The Hero of Ages. (2008).

Following the death of Robert Jordan in 2007, Jordan’s wife and editor Harriet McDougal recruited Sanderson to finish Jordan’s epic multi-volume fantasy series The Wheel of Time from Jordan’s extensive drafts and notes. Harriet asked him to complete the series after being deeply impressed by Mistborn: The Final Empire. A Memory of Light, originally slated to be the final book in The Wheel of Time series was split into three volumes. The first, The Gathering Storm, was released on October 27, 2009. Towers of Midnight, was just released on 2 November 2010. A Memory of Light will tentatively follow in November 2011.

It is rather amazing to see that The Wheel of Time is popular enough in France to bring the author to Paris for signing… If I can find the time to go to the Rivoli arcades after my R class, I will bring my The Gathering Storm to WHSmith as my copy of Towers of Midnight is still in transit.

2 Responses to “Brandon Sanderson in Paris”

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  2. […] evening, I had the (incredible!) opportunity to attend Brandon Sanderson’s reading and signing event at WHSmith. The event started at 7pm with a short presentation of the author, followed by him […]

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