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Last evening, I had the (incredible!) opportunity to attend Brandon Sanderson’s reading and signing event at WHSmith. The event started at 7pm with a short presentation of the author, followed by him reading an extract from the Prologue of Towers of Midnight and then him answering questions from the (large) audience. Besides the traditional question of “who wrote what” (which could not decently be answered!), there were questions about Brandon Sanderson’s favourite characters, the schedule for the next and final volume (another 18 months, most likely!), the planning for other books in the Wheel of Time universe… Nothing really new, except for the bad news of having to wait an extra six month for the final (yes, f.i.n.a.l!) volume of the series. Brandon Sanderson was then kind enough to sign all the books of the hundred readers who showed up in WHSmith, incl. my copy of The Gathering Storm. (My copy of Towers of Midnight still being in Philadelphia, as I used my amazonassociate account!) All this half an hour from home!

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