Seminar of philosophy of mathematics

Following in the steps of Andrew last year, I will make a presentation in the seminar of philosophy of mathematics (and statistics!) of Université Paris Diderot, in about two weeks (November 30, 9am/6pm, Université Paris Diderot – Site Rive Gauche, Bâtiment Condorcet 4, rue Elsa Morante, 75013, Paris.). Here is my abstract, the slides will come later:

Classical Bayesian model selection, alternatives and criticisms Christian P. Robert (Université Paris-Dauphine, Institut Universitaire de France and CREST)

I will cover the most orthodox approach to Bayesian model selection, followed by alternatives that have been recently proposed in the literature and by a description of an on-going controversy with phylogeneticists about the nature of testing.

Meaning that I will draw from my recent reading of Aitkin’s book, as well as from the controversy with Templeton.

2 Responses to “Seminar of philosophy of mathematics”

  1. […] and I will miss (in both meanings of the term) the other half of the talks. Especially missing Steve Fienberg’s talk for the third time in three weeks! Again, what I appreciated most during those two days (besides […]

  2. I spoke in french, it’s only fair that you do your talk in english!

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