Disas-tea-R at dawn

This was bound to happen sooner or later, given my addiction to tea and sleepless nights, so I eventually managed to spill a cup of tea over my Mac… I had been working for a few hours in my hotel room in Philadelphia, completing an ABC paper with Jean-Michel Marin and Robin Ryder. We had been running experiments in R with Jean-Michel over the past days and I wanted to check some details with him about some graphs he sent me, so we got into a Skype conversation. At the same time, I was running an alternative R code to compare with his, and starting a new ‘Og entry about a current campaign against road accidents. And drinking my fifth or sixth cuppa of the morning. I suddenly realised dawn had come and stood up to raise the blinds next to my desk. Completely forgetting about the earphones on my head. The obvious then occurred: the earphone cord stretched, pulling the teacup over and I turned back to see the keyboard covered with tea… Disaster! I tipped the computer over and grabbed the hotel hairdryer to try to dry it as quickly as possible (apologies to the next room neighbour!). Contrary to all advices, I did not turn the Mac off but kept running the R program instead to add to the heat of the dryer. In retrospect this was quite silly and I am lucky to get out with only two keys not working!

5 Responses to “Disas-tea-R at dawn”

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  4. Did JMM record the skype session? Can we have a video of Xian swearing like hell in the wee hours, with the laptop shaken in all directions?

  5. You should definitely blame JMM… he should have warned you that you had your earphone as he saw you in the Skype session…!!!! I’m pretty sure that he didn’t warn you on purpose hoping you get electrocuted by your Mac… a real devil this JMM…
    By the way if you wanted to spend money out of your IUF funds buying macs… you do not have to make petty excuses… just buy some!

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