Adap’skiii [day 0]

After an uneventful if long flight from Paris to Salt Lake City, rewarded by a perfect view of the frozen Great Salt Lake, (if not of Greenland), we (Pierre Jacob, Jean-Michel Marin and myself, along with a strong contingent from Finland) are now in Parl City where the Adap’skiii conference starts this morning. For those  attending the meeting and wondering where exactly it takes place (!), it will be in the Grand Summit Hotel conference centre, ground floor, in the Parlor III part of the Kokopelli Grand Ballroom. It starts at 8:30, with a coffee break at 10:30. The place is walking distance from all the hotels proposed on the MCMSki website (as long as there is no blizzard) and just at the foot of the gondola. Here is the first draft of my discussion of Matti Vihola’s talk tomorrow:

5 Responses to “Adap’skiii [day 0]”

  1. […] (who so superbly organised the MCMSki III conference early this year and helped us so much for the Adap’ skiii workshop!) took me ice-climbing on one of the most iconic ice routes near Provo, Bridal Veil Fall. […]

  2. […] the looong flight to Salt Lake City, I started reading this latest novel of Ian Rankin called The Complaints. This was my first […]

  3. […] very expressive and original sculpture by Elana Herzog I saw in the New York Time I bought in Salt Lake City airport two weeks ago… The geometry of the concrete block being reproduced by the pieces of […]

  4. […] the plane to Salt Lake City, we were served a series of very dumb movies, SALT being the only title I can remember. As we were […]

  5. […] Xi'an's Og an attempt at bloggin, from scratch… « Adap’skiii [day 0] […]

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