Adapskiii [talks and discussions]

The talks and discussions of our workshop are now [mostly] available on-line, waiting for the Adap’skiii webpage to be updated and operational. In the meanwhile, MCMSki 3 has started, with Jeff Rosenthal giving a highly pedagogical intro on why MCMC theory is useful. Although there were several interesting talks on the first day, my personal highlight was Michael Jordan’s new approach to the philogeny model. While the talk was witty and pedagogical, as usual, hence very enjoyable after a (short) afternoon of skiing and a dip in the pool by -10, my appreciation goes to the reassessment presented in this talk. Although I do need to further study the paper, it seems to me this talk had a revolutionary flavour in bringing a radically different perspective to the problem at hand… I am thus looking forward to the incoming paper (keep posted for comments).

3 Responses to “Adapskiii [talks and discussions]”

  1. […] in the sense of Andrieu, Haario, Roberts, Rosenthal, and others (incl. the participants to Adap’ski!), in that the Markov kernel on the product space does not change along iterations. There is no […]

  2. […] after an MRI, presumably due to years of jogging although it only started to feel painful after Adap’skiii…. This was treated by an cortisone injection in the knee (addressing the inflammation […]

  3. […] I am thus completely committed to organise the next meeting in three years or so, whether or not MCMSki 4 ever takes place. I also found the ski resort where the meeting took place quite interesting, with […]

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